What if the future of skin clarity lied within enzyme science?

Millions of women around the world rely upon Lancôme’s legacy of pushing boundaries and pursuing new solutions to empower them with flawless skin. As Lancôme set its sights on 2020, they looked to the future and recognized a new ideal: skin clarity. Clarity is the new skin whitening, and the key to clarity is unlocked by enzyme science. With the launch of Clarifique Refining Enzymatic Dual Essence and the Clarifique range dedicated to skin clarity, Lancôme opens an exciting new chapter for skincare, but not by chance.

30 Years of Research

Always looking ahead, Lancôme saw the future of skincare long ago and set out to pioneer this new frontier of skin brightening. Recognizing the inherent link between enzymes and skin quality, Lancôme’s dedicate 30 years of research to studying enzymes and their skincare potential. This relentless research lead to the discovery of new epidermal enzymes resulting in13 new patents and 113 international publications. Once again, Lancôme’s scientific excellence has lead its success in skincare.

The Power of Enzymes

Enzymes are as story as old as earth itself. As biological accelerators, they speed up biochemical reactions by providing alternative pathways, thereby consuming less energy. They are the perfect example of sustainability in that they are recyclable. At optimal temperature, hydration levels, pH, and concentration, their topical potential is amplified. Lancôme delicately sources these precious enzymes from a precious vegetal pearl: French Beech Buds. This organic and renewable source is known as the “forever young tree” and its enzymes are potented with green science by Lancôme to be leveraged as skincare ingredients.

Skin Clarity Unlocked

Dual Essence’s pioneering bi-phase formula is a combination of two skin essences perfectly blended by shaking the bottle thanks to the exclusive patented whisk. Once in the skin these epidermal enzymes regulate various biological functions involved in skin clarity.First, they aid in desquamation, eliminating dead cells leading to a smoother skin surface with optimal light reflection, improving the overall appearance of skin tone. Furthermore, these enzymes unlock diverse natural moisturizing factors, leading to optimized skin hydration. Lastly, they help epidermal regeneration for a stronger epidermis and improved skin protection and resilience.

So what does skin clarity with Clarifique Enzyme Refining Dual Essence look like? In just 4 weeks skin is 43% more refined and 24% more homogenous, with pores 13% less visible. The result is bright skin with a pure and translucent aura. The newly plumped and hydrated skin features an ultra-reflective surface, minimizing the appearance of an uneven skin tone and irregularities in skin texture. Get soft to touch, replenished beneath the surface, and unmistakably radiant skin all around. Skin clarity is the new skin ambition and Lancôme has unveiled the path to skin lightening through enzyme science.

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